Though suspended ceilings are great, they have their own plus and minus features. If you were considering having such a ceiling, you would do well to go thru what follows here:


- Fire safety. You get fire resistant tiles conforming to many standards as prescribed by commercial organizations and councils. You may use such tiles. It helps.

- Modification. With a drop ceiling system you can change the tiles without taking long. So, that facilitates repairs and change of scene whenever you like doing that.

- Maintenance. Maintenance of the ceiling is convenient, as is the building maintenance with suspended ceilings. It allows you to conceal all wires, cables and plumbing, while providing easy access.

- Appearance. Suspended ceiling tiles are available in a very large variety, giving almost endless possibilities of having an appearance exactly as per your taste and the demands of the décor you wish to have.


- Reduced Headroom. Having a suspended ceiling surely reduces headroom, but that’s not a very serious issue with most designs and people. This design of ceiling reduces headroom by four to eight inches. So, in case the height of the original ceiling is already low, you may like to consider some other options.

- Cover up damage. The cost and convenience of installing a drop ceiling is an attractive option for landlords wanting to cover up any damages of the ceiling. Therefore, it becomes important for a prospective tenant or a buyer to check what’s the state of the original ceiling.

- Aging. Unless properly maintained, drop ceilings begin to give indications of its early aging. Tiles tend to sag quite often and even slightest blow can cause damage at times. Moreover, excessive smoking causes their discoloration. The frequent replacement and reinstallation of part of the tiles also indicates ageing and adds to that.

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